Apple’s plans for 2014: Curved screen iPhones and improved touchscreen sensors



With Samsung planning to amaze us with their fully folding screens in 2015, Apple has its own strategy to keep its leading position in the smartphone market. Unknown sources cited at Bloomberg said Apple is already developing two new iPhone models with curved screens of 4.7 and 5.5 inches to be released sometimes during the second half of 2014. Another improvement to be implemented into later models is an improved touchscreen sensor capable of making the difference between light and heavy touches.

The idea of Apple launching two iPhones at the same time is completely credible since they already did it once this year when they released the iPhone 5s and it’s budget version, iPhone 5c. We’ll just have to wait and see if Apple will be able to manage their production costs for something as pricey as curved ¬†screens and succeed at simultaneously launching two smartphones equipped with this technology.

According to Bloomberg’s source the new touchscreen sensor is currently under testing, although it won’t be completed in time to include it in the next scheduled release. We’ll probably get to enjoy it on a later iPhone model.