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Technical support

We do not provide users with technical support for any matters unrelated with this site. If you have a problem however, please feel free post your question/problem in the comments section of the related article, in the contact form below or on any of our social channels.

App requests

While we do a lot of app reviews on our site, we don’t usually do on-demand reviews. However, if you still want us to review/preview your product, drop us a message with the link to the app and a press/invite code (if possible). This won’t guarantee a review, but if we like it, be sure we’ll have something to say about it.

Guest articles

Guest or Sponsored articles that are written by an agency for the sole purpose of embedding link(s) to the companies they serve are not welcomed. You are however free to submit a monetary offer to publish such an article using the “Advertising Request” choice in the drop down menu.

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