Clear is a new beta app that finds and deletes your embarassing tweets


Clear iOS

While I do not normally tell you about apps with a waiting list, I figured everyone should know about Ethan Czahor’s new app. You see, Clear is an app that will let you find all those embarrassing tweets you have made in the past and instantly delete them so that they do not hurt your future.

One of the reasons why this app is noteworthy is because Czahor knows exactly what he is talking about when embarrassing tweets come into question. Though he was once hired as Jeb Bush’s Chief Technology Officer, he quickly had to resign after some quite offensive tweets he had made in the past resurfaced. I imagine you can all see why this man would do well with an app that prevents this from happening to other people.

Clear Negative Posts

Clear has some pretty nifty algorithms powered by IBM’s Watson supercomputer that scours your Twitter and checks out any offensive words or phrases that your past tweets may have contained. It then presents you with a “clear score” and shows you what tweets it thinks were offensive. If you agree with it you can simply select to delete them right then and there and Clear will also make them disappear from your Twitter account.

Clear Delete Posts

Before you start thinking about the ethics of all this, remember that Twitter already allows you delete any tweet you have ever made. Clear just makes it easier to make the stupid ones disappear, especially if you are on the hunt for a job, for example. I am sure that all of us have said something that seems completely offensive out of context and Twitter is a very unforgiving place for this kind of thing.

If you want to delete more than just selective tweets, here are several options to Bulk-Delete your Tweets and clear your timeline.