How To: Change the boot animation of your iPhone

iPhone Custom Boot Logo

Being greeted with the same old Apple logo every time you boot up your iPhone can get a bit boring. Though standard users will be stuck with that animation forever, those in possession of jailbroken devices can change the boot screen animation to pretty much whatever floats their boat. Note that this guide will only apply to iOS 8 devices. Although similar steps might be performed in previous version of the OS, the tools used here are iOS 8 specific.

First things first

We are going to be using two neat little tools that you can find in your Cydia app: iFile and Animate iOS 8 from developers Carsten Heinelt and zaxdo respectively. Animate iOS 8 will be used to activate the custom logo while iFile will be used to place the logo file in the proper location of your device.

Getting a GIF boot animation files


This step will probably be the most fun one for you. You can find hundreds of custom animations that you can use across the web. A quick Google (or Bing or whatever) search should reveal plenty of great ones. However, you can also go one step further and create your very own, unique animation using almost any GIF that you like. The greatest tool for this purpose if BootGIF , a utility available for Mac, Windows and Linux distributions. Using it is also pretty simple so you should not run into any issues. Just load up the tool, sleect your GIF, select the device that you want to create the boot logo animation for and click on Export. A new folder will be created that will contain the frames of your animation. Note: The “Fade” feature will also allow you to fade from the Apple logo to the custom animation of your own.

Placing the folder on your iPhone and enabling the custom logo

Take the folder you created (or downloaded) and place it in the Raw File Systems folder of your iPhone using your preferred tool (like iFunBox). Then, open iFile in your device. Navigate to “/var/mobile/Media” and copy the custom folder. Then, head over to “/Library/BootLogos” and paste your folder in there.

Once all that is done, go to your Settings, open the BootLogo menu and select your custom animation from the list. The custom ones will be placed under the Extras heading.

Some final notes

As you can see, changign between the custom and default animations is fairly easy once you get the hang of it. In case you are having trouble with the custom GIFs you have selected, you should make sure that they are not too big or too high resolution as that might be the cause of the problems. Regardless of any potential issues, however, having a custom boot logo is just too cool to pass up.