How to Build a Solid Hearthstone Deck



Hearthstone is definitely one of the biggest mobile games released this year, and that should come as no surprise with such a major developer (Blizzard Entertainment) behind the scenes. If you’re un-familiar with the game, but interested to learn more, make sure you check out our full review of Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. We’ve also got some general HS Tips & Tricks to help beginners become more acquainted with the game. Now, let’s take a look at the deck building aspect of the game, and how mastering it can be a major advantage to you as a player.

Basic Deck Building Tips

Whenever you build a new deck, you should always consider what your end-game strategy is going to be — even before you add a single card. A major factor in possible strategies is the class you’ve chosen, and the cards you have available, so make sure you know the ins and outs of both of these aspects before you start building the deck. A strategy example would be focusing on powerful spells that can directly damage your opponent, along with an arsenal of Taunt minions to be your line of defense when casting these spells. Your strategy should be a little more complex than that, and the more complexity you add ensures it will be more difficult for your opponent to react.


Another major factor of a good Hearthstone deck, is proper Synergy between the cards in your deck. Synergy is basically any cards that are improved by having another specific card in play. If you are using General cards, make sure they are ones that work well with your class cards — for example, a Priest has a lot of healing capabilities and bonuses for healing minions. If you have a Northshire Cleric out alongside a couple of other minions, you can play a Darkscale Healer to restore 2 HP to each minion, and the Northshire Cleric allows you to draw a card for each minion that is healed.

You should also make sure you have a healthy mix of cards with different mana costs. If 80% of your deck is cards that cost between 0 – 2 mana, you won’t have enough strong minions or spells to compete with your opponent in the late-game phase. On the other hand, having too many cards with high mana costs can be even worse, since you can easily get stuck with no playable cards early on.

Crafting the Missing Piece

The Crafting Mode in Hearthstone can be the perfect solution to a deck that is just a card or two short of perfection. Crafting can be used to convert your un-used cards into a specific card of your choice. It’s a good idea to browse through the available cards in the Crafting Mode before you start building your deck, and get some of the cards that you really like crafted and ready to go.


Be careful when Disenchanting your cards, as the “essence” you receive doesn’t quite match up with the essence required to make a card. You can see in the image above that you would receive 20 essence for disenchanting the “Bite” card, but it costs 100 essence to craft the card. Just make sure the cards you’re getting rid of are useless to you (you have similar cards that are better, you don’t use that class ever, etc), and the cards you create will get their fair share of play-time.

Test, Tweak, and Repeat

You can have all of the deck building knowledge in the world, but at the end of the day, the best way to build the “perfect deck” is to continuously be looking for ways to improve it. Play some Casual matches and see how it works out, if you’re noticing that you frequently don’t have enough mana to play your cards — make adjustments to remedy the situation.

One of the hardest parts of building a good deck, is preparing against all of the classes you could end up facing. If you have trouble against a specific class, try adding cards to your deck that counter that classes most powerful cards. An example would be if a certain class always carries really strong minions, add some Sap or Hunter’s Mark type cards to render your opponents big bad minions obsolete.

Got a Hearthstone Deck Building tip of your own? Feel free to leave it in the comment section below!