How To: Block Unwanted SMS and Phone Calls in iOS 7



Apple takes spam filtering to the next level in iOS 7, offering ways to block specific phone numbers from texting you or sending you iMessages, or call you.

Part 1. Messages

Now, iPhone users can block annoying telemarketers and other sorts of spammers from getting through to you. Note, however, that this feature only gives some peace of mind until you receive the bill: if you pay for incoming text messages, the blocked messages will still appear on the bill.

This feature is handy in many situations: ex boyfriends and girlfriends, bullies from school, extremely patronizing mother-in-law, or just a former best friend getting on your nerves when all you want is peace.

Blocking unwanted phone numbers from getting their messages through to you in iOS 7 can be done several ways.

#1. Blocking From Messages

You can block the phone number you recently received a text message from: you can do this directly from the text message app in iOS 7.

  1. Got to Messages and select the phone number you want to block.
  2. Tap Contact -> Info.
  3. Scroll through the options and select Block This Caller.

In this case, the sender will see his outgoing messages to you as “sent,” but you will receive none.

#2. Blocking from Contacts

In case the phone number you want to block has not sent you any messages recently, you can block them from Contacts.

  1. Got to Settings.
  2. Go to Phone -> Blocked -> Add New.
  3. Now, select a contact from your contact list that you wish to block. Voila!


Part 2. Phone Calls

In iOS 7, you can block unwanted phone calls and FaceTime calls by sending them directly to your voice mail. The caller might hear a ring or two before he gets to the voice mail, though. The privacy feature is new and quite easy to access, even though the path is different depending on whether you have the contact in your contact list, or not.

#1. Blocking from the Contact List

You can use the phone settings in iOS 7 to block a contact from calling you.

  1. Go to the Settings.
  2. Scroll to Phone -> Blocked -> Add New.
  3. Find the contact you wish to block and tap on it.

The next time this person calls you, he will get straight to your voice mail without your phone making a beep. Just beware that the person may eventually understand his number has been blocked. In the case this person calls you on FaceTime, you phone will not make a beep and the person calling will hear the regular ringing for an indefinite time.

#2. Block someone who called you recently

In case the caller you wish to block is not in your contact list, yet, and you do not wish to add him, but wish to block him instead, use this method.

  1. Got to Phone and select Recents to see your recent conversations.
  2. Find the small blue i on the right next to the caller id and tap on it.
  3. Scroll down the drop-down list and select Block This Caller.

The next time this number calls you, it will get redirected to your voicemail.

#3. If the number has not called you yet and is not in your contact list

This is easier than it seems; just create a new contact, name it whatever you like and add as much phone numbers as you like to it, then follow the instructions in #1. Voila! No more annoying or harassing phone calls or text messages.