The Best Android Games of October, 2014


October has been quite eventful for Android gamers, and to challenge those gamers who think only the XBOX and Playstation gamers are real gamers, I dare say mobile gaming is as serious a gaming as gaming can get. As hard as I tried staying objective in the GamerGate and StopGamergate warfare, the gamergaters tend to lose sense of reality when trying to prove their superiority and righteousness. Mobile gaming industry boasts of some of the finest releases every month, and every one in ten sets a new benchmark. Without any further ado, here are some of the October picks for you to enjoy.

RetryRETRY By Rovio Mobile Ltd.
Genre: Arcade, Price: free

Check out our review of Retry, a new entry from Rovio. October has been obviously a busy month for them, with Angry Birds Stella, Angry Birds Star Wars II Free and Angry Birds Transformers major releases, and it is easy to overlook this little gem. Well, it’s not exactly a gem; it’s a curse I’d want to send on my rivals to mess up their productivity. It’s simple, easy to play, but hard to stop. A Flappy Bird clone is definitely better than the annoying bird game, but nonetheless, it will keep your jaws clenched. It’s almost sadistic in its addictiveness, but the best part is it is very non-obnoxious in IAPs, so you can play all you want for free. Read the full review here.

RépubliqueRépublique by Camouflaj, LLC
Genre: Action, Price: $2.99

When I talks  about setting a benchmark, République is definitely one of those games on this list. It consists of five episodes, and the third just launched last month. It may not be the cheapest kid on the block, but the adventure is well worth the price. Set in a modern day, the game takes you to a top secret facility, where a woman named Hope is a subject of nasty psyche experiments. She accidentally finds out they want to erase her, and your job is to guide her out of the facility. That’s the first episode’s premise. The second one tasks you with unraveling even more sinister secrets about  state surveillance and mind control, and the third challenges with bringing some of the dirt into light, with the help of a prominent magazine’s editor. The game was built on Unity 3D engine, and looks gorgeous, but most importantly it is a superb stealth game with interesting mechanics and very cool ideas. Go for it, if you have a spot in your mobile budget, but mind system and storage requirements.

Wolf among usThe Wolf Among Us by Telltale Games
Genre: Adventure, Price: Free, IAPs

I love adventure games, even more the interactive gamebooks, and the Wolf Among Us may not be my personal favorite for the sheer amount of violence in it, but for a large audience violence is what draws most attention. A mature thriller, the Wolf Among Us is abundant in killing, and given that the protagonist is quite an ugly ware wolf, while his enemies are all sorts of nasty fairy tale creatures that broke loose into our world. The first chapter, and there are five of them, is free, and serves as a bait to get you totally hooked, The other four are available via in-app purchases and total up to $15. The gamebook is very well thought through, with each decision potentially a crucial one, and a new twist on how timing of your decisions matters. Try it, it’s great.

MiikaMiika by Noxus Ltd
Genre: Puzzle, Price: $1.99

Miika might have been inspired by Monument Valley because it looks and play beautifully. It is also very cute and befuddling, with its 3D puzzles and a charming protagonist. The game sports interesting optical illusions and a world of four seasons full of colors and life. Miika is great for family play, encouraging spatial thinking and imagination, as well as unconventional approach to puzzle solving.

HaegemoniaHaegemonia – Legions of Iron By Anuman
Genre: Strategy; Price : $3.99
Also available if a free demo: Android

Haegemonia: Legions of Iron once was a PC sci-fi strategy game, and a very solid and engrossing for that matter, but that was more than 10 years ago. Thankfully, Anuman has brought up that dusty cover into light and ported it to Android, giving it a second life. And what a spectacular entry it was, with breath taking cut scenes, amazing 3D map, fascinating battle close-ups and a very complex controls system. Haegemonia is a long-lasting toy you will keep playing until you build a galactic empire of your own, but before that you will also spend a lot of time familiarizing yourself with the system and controls. It is not as hard as to give up playing, though, but it is not the easiest I’ve seen, either. You have two campaigns – Earth and Mars, and both are deadly foes to one another, with Mars colonies separating themselves from Earth dominion. Hence, the war. The game also promises there’d be a need of reunion in the wake of a more dire danger. Alien, of course. Read the full review here.

The Silent AgeThe Silent Age: Episode Two By House on Fire
Genre: Adventure; Price: Free, $5

An adventure puzzler with an engrossing story and vintage imagery, Silent Age takes you on a journey 50 years long. Somewhere in the 70s, there lives a janitor named Joe, whose life is boring to the extent of him slowly going dumb. At the same time, our present world collapses into doom , where nobody lives, and one last survivor travels back to the 70s to tell the story. The time traveler happens to meet Joe instead of die hard Willis, and now Joe is armed with a time traveling gizmo and a mission to save the humanity from doom. To do so, he will need to solve time traveling puzzles, which will sometimes send you looking for walkthroughs online, but the story and puzzles are so engrossing you will not doubt whether to buy the second and final chapter for $5. The first one is free. On the flip side, there is no replay value since when the game is over, there is nothing you can do differently. Read full review here.

BotaniculaBotanicula By Amanita Design
Genre: Adventure; Price: $4.99

A heartfelt and kind story from the makers of Machinarium, Botanicula takes you on a journey of five little creatures that try to save the last seed of their home tree from a parasite that’s about to finish the tree itself. The game features a very beautiful design, atmospheric soundtrack and fine sense of humor. You have over 150 levels and plenty of environments to explore and puzzles to solve. It’s a great click to play adventure for family play times, and anyone who loved Machinarium.

Heavy Metal Thunder GamebookHeavy Metal Thunder – Gamebook By Cubus Games
Genre: Role Playing; Price: $2.99

Interactive gamebook genre at its best, Heavy Metal Thunder is a solid read, and an impressive sci-fi adventure, with an engrossing and sinister story, and so much replay value you’d be playing it for months, getting back to it to experiment with a different route. The gamebook is mainly reading and multiple choice situations, but your choices impact so much the gameplay, you will feel immediate emotional response to how every other skill you evolve changes your protagonist, and how every item you pick is a life saver, or a thing you did not get a chance to use. Dice throwing does have a place here, but it’s not that critical to make you woe about how unfair it is. The gripping sci-fi story takes you a few centuries ahead when humanity expanded in universe and faced the alien race that did not choose to make friends, exterminating human colonies one by one. Your protagonists a space spec ops, a killing machine and a real freak, which grants him a peculiar charm. The soundtrack and artwork are atmospheric, so you really win buying – it’s great. Read our full review with tips over here.

Hail to the king deathbatHail to the King: Deathbat By Avenged Sevenfold / Subscience Studios
Genre: Action RPG; Price: $4.99

Hail to the King: Deathbat throws you into an intense RPG mixed with dungeon crawling in the best traditions of Zelda and Gauntlet, but spiced with a healthy dose of new elements and cool content. Andronikos, the King og the Underworld, has to conffront the Dark Andronikos in a deadly battle for his lawful realm ravaged by the Dark Adronikos. The game is sinister and creepy, with awesome atmospheric soundtrack and brutal combat taking place across impressive array of underverse landscapes. You will interact with dozens of creepy characters, solve mind-boggling puzzles and unravel deadly mysteries. If Hail to the King: Deathbat sounds like your cup of tea, check out our success tips elaborated by our staff, or read the full review here.

laserbreakLaserbreak Laser Puzzle By errorsevendev
Genre: Puzzle; Price: free, offers in-app purchases

If you like geometry-based puzzlers, Laserbreak is a treat for you. You are tasked with directing a laser beam from the laser machine onto an X spot located in another end of a room. The room contains all sorts of objects, some wooden, some of stone, but some have a glass, or ice, reflecting surface. Different objects can be twisted and turned, so in the end your laser beam will be reflected so many times you will lose count, but if it reaches its destination your job is done. We reviewed the game and found the design and soundtrack awesome and engrossing, while the gameplay is challenging, hard, but engrossing. The game is free, which is a great move on the developers’ part because if you want to unlock further levels without beating the previous ones you will be able to buy them via in-app purchases, but if you enjoy the feeling of accomplishment with each solved puzzle, you will play without spending real money.

Sentinel 4Sentinel 4: Dark Star By Origin8 Technologies Ltd.
Genre: tower defense; Price: $2.99

It is the fourth installment of the Sentinel, and this time it takes you to a distant planet as you chase the pesky aliens. However, not all goes well and you have to urgently land on a planet located near a dark star that makes the planet go crazy with climatic and magnetic field changes. As a result, the alien race inhabiting the planet is very hostile believing you caused the changes, and so, the tower defense gameplay begins. The design looks stellar, and the combat offers great variety. Sentinel 4 is a tower defense in its classic form, and it is both a good, and a bad thing because there is really nothing innovative about it. Nonetheless, the gameplay is engrossing and fun if you like TD, so we totally recommend it. Read our full review here.

Star wars commanderStar Wars: Commander By Disney
Genre: Strategy; Price: Free, offers in-app purchases

A moment of success for the Star Wars franchise last month came with the release of Star Wars commander, a tower defense clone of Clash of Clans. It may not be overly original in the gameplay because you have the towers to upgrade and build a strong base, as well as the heroes to recruit, but the Star Wars skin feels quite natural on this TD. There are plenty of missions, your favorite Star Wars characters to hire, an army to build and train and plenty of foes to battle. The design truly shines here, and the authentic voiceover adds to the immersion factor. The battles are mostly driven by Ai, and all your deployed units get wasted each time you battle, though. Also, you will return to a devastated base once in a while, and grinding has its part in progressing, but overall, it is a very solid and quality built Star Wars game from Disney. Check out PocketMeta review of Star Wars Commander.

CarsCars: Fast as Lightning By Gameloft
Genre: Racing; Price: Free, offers in-app purchases

One for the kids – Cars Fast as Lightning was built on a franchise of a Disney’s successful animated movie, where Lightning McQueen  races with his friends, builds Radiator Springs town from scratch, collects coins and builds awesome tracks for spectacular drifting effects and more fun racing. The game features nearly all famous cars characters, including Francesco, Mater, Flo, and others while Owen Wilson proper voiceover add to the authenticity of gameplay.

The game looks bright and plays fun, which explains why kids are so hooked on it. If you are looking for an hour of peace, install this game for your kids and enjoy the silence. Read our full review here.

angry birds transformers iconAngry Birds Transformers  by Rovio Mobile Ltd.
Genre: Arcade; Price: free, offers in-app purchases

When Rovio released Angry Birds Go, I thought ‘meh, this won’t be my favorite.’ When Rovio released Angry Birds Epic I thought ‘another meh.. I will forget about it in a week.’ Yet, several months later these games are still on my devices and I occasionally indulge myself in thoughtless gameplay while my nephews even followed Zack Scott’s YouTube channel for his fun gameplay videos of the said games. Enter Angry Birds Transformers, and again I say I hate it because Angry Birds dressed as Autobots is a blasphemy to anyone who really loved the animated series as a kid. Nonetheless, I can’t help but downloading and playing it, and even though Red as Optimus Prime makes my heart bleed, I can’t seem to stop. Rovio must be inserting some sort of 25th screen in its games; otherwise, why would they be so addicting? Read our review of Angry Birds Transformers here and check out these tips for success.