BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) Will Be Coming To Windows Phones Later This Year



BlackBerry continues to stretch their wings by bringing their messenger app to Windows phones later this year

BlackBerry has announced that later this year it will complete the cross-platform messaging app by offering it to Windows phones. The company had already made the jump to bring the BlackBerry Messenger app to Android and iOS devices last year, and now to make it completely cross-platform they’ll be releasing the app for Windows phones later this year.

Later this year sounds like quite a long time though, especially considering competitor apps like WhatsApp and the impending launch of Facebook Messenger will no doubt grow over the coming months. Although, the fact that the release of the Android and iOS versions of the messaging app has brought in millions of new users, it’s still probably a good move for BlackBerry whether its release is late in the year or not.

BBM is a free app for both Android and iOS and it would be entirely shocking to not see the same offered on Windows phones, unless of course they change the pricing model completely. The app is currently in version 2 and as of now, will most likely still be in version 2 for the release of the Windows version. If you’re sporting a Android or iOS device, you can download the BBM app with the download links below, or on Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Market.

Download: BBM on the Apple App Store
Download: BBM on the Android Play Market

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