The Battlefield 4 App is now available for iOS devices

Cezar Renta


If you play Battlefield 4, you probably know by now that the game has a  “Commander Mode” in which you or anybody joining the game, will take the Commander role and deploy war assets and issue orders to your troops, anywhere on the map. Good news, this mode has been pushed to the tablets via the Battlefield 4 Tablet CommanderSadly for Android users, the app is only available for iOS devices, with the promise of an Android version at the end of this month.

You may ask yourself if the app is dependent on the game platform and the answer is: absolutely not. Even if you play the game on the PC, Xbox or Playstation, the app will work for any platform. Also, the app is not limited to a wireless connection, you can join any server using your 3G/4G connection aswell.

Now, get the  app and lead the battle for supremacy!