How To: Backup Contacts in Android



Situations may arise when you need to factory reset your Android device, or you may simply want to upgrade to the latest Android Jelly Bean. It is important you do a backup of whatever you think is important on your device. Contact list may be one of the most important items on the backup list. You probably know that, but Android devices automatically backup your contacts to your Google account.

To check it out, go to your Gmail through a browser and click on the Gmail icon above the Compose button. Choose Contacts to view your smartphone contact list, it should all be there. Other than that, there is an alternative way for those who do not synchronize their Android devices with Google+ accounts.

Here is a simple way to import and export contacts directly from Android settings; you can import contacts from a SIM-card or even internal storage, as well as export to internal storage.

Got to your contacts.
Tap on the Menu button and choose import/export.
You will see a number of options, for example, import from SIM-card, export to storage, or share visible contacts.
Click export to SDcard, storage and save your contacts to a laptop, PC, external hard drive, or whatever option you prefer, so that later you can simply import the file containing your contact list on any Android device.

Backing up your contact list in your Google account may seem a good idea to have an always available cloud backup for your important contacts. You will have to setup your Google account in your Android device. You can use your existing account, or create a new one specifically for your Android purposes.

To setup your Google account in your Android device, you can use several options. Trying to access Google Play is the easiest one because you will automatically be prompted to add your Google credentials, or create a new account.

You can choose to synchronize your Gmail account with your Android, or even activate Android Device Manager, but your contacts will be synchronized with your Gmail account by default. You can also uncheck the sync option to stop Google synchronizing your Android data with your Gmail account, but that will only mean you will not be receiving emails on your device.

It may be wise to backup manually by going to Settings -> Backup and Reset -> Back up my data.contacts-backup-accounts