Awesome Android Games to Play in August



Kritika Chaos UnleashedKritika: Chaos Unleashed


Role Playing

Free, offers in-app purchases

Highly addicting and intensely immersive, Kritika: Chaos Unleashed lets you get that adrenaline rush you’ve been looking for in a very refreshing RPG full of dark gods and valkyries battling. At the moment, you get a 5000 in Gold for creating a new character. The game offers a complex and robust system of character upgrades, where strengthening a sub-character also affects the main character’s XP level. There are plenty of awe-inspiring characters, such as the seductive Dark Valkyrie, the deadly Berserker, and the quick and agile Cat Acrobat. Kritika offers over 60 stages spiced with endless monster waves, arena contests, melee and versus modes, and players can enjoy the auto-battle system for faster leveling up.


Turbo WordsTurbo Words

Basel Sader


Price: Free, offers in-app purchases

If you like to boost your grey cell from time to time, try out this new word game Turbo Words. It is surprisingly addictive, and what should have been a five-minute time killer actually turned out a massive time gobbler. Players can choose between 11 languages, and then choose the time challenge and difficulty. When the game starts, you see a countdown timer and two letters, and your task is to write a required number of words that start and end with the two letters before you run our if time. It’s a fine way to train your language skills, and you can choose the game mode that suits you best in pace and difficulty – free play, practice, word rush, time attack or insanity.


Game of ThronesGame of Thrones Ascent


Role Playing

Price: Free, offers in-app purchases

Game of Thrones Ascent has been around for a while now, and most of the fans must be playing its browser version, but now Android users have the chance to become a Westeros noble and make their way up to fortune, fame and maybe even the iron throne. The game is incredibly deep and detailed, filled with intrigue, conflicts, trade and even marriage or affairs. We have reviewed the game, and if you would like to know more before downloading (and it’s a hefty download), you can read our impressions here. Long story short, it’s a great game, but some performance bugs need to be ironed out. Considering it’s a fresh release, Kongregate must be working on fixing the lags already. Also, there is no way you can choose to play as one of the show characters – all characters on the list are minor, but you get to interact with the main protagonists throughout the game.


Thomas was aloneThomas Was Alone

Bossa Studios Ltd


Price: $6.69

A major PC, iOS and PS3 nd Vita hit, Thomas Was Alone comes to Android platform. It would have been technically correct to say you play as a rectangle whose name is Thomas, but the truth is, it does not convey the sublime charm of this sophisticated puzzler and adventure game. A charming character, interesting story and proper execution make for a great gameplay experience that stays with you. The game offers 100 levels of strange, yet fascinating exploration, full of emotional shades wrapped in a minimalist design, which achieves a surprising level of immersion and addiction.


Modern Combat 5Modern Combat 5: Blackout



Price: $6.99

Gameloft’s Modern Combat, as you all well know, is a mobile first-person shooter, which sends your squad on a series of deadly missions. You can play in single or multiplayer modes and fully enjoy the dazzling looks, smooth touch controls and an amazingly deep gameplay. Note, though, that the game requires a stable Internet connection. Read the full review of Modern Combat 5: Blackout here. In short, you have 4 customizable classes to choose from, and level up as you play assault, heavy, recon or sniper style. You will unlock class-specific skills along the way, accumulating XP points, engaging in intense multiplayer matches, unlocking awesome ammo and diving head over heels in story missions. The game also supports HID and Moga controllers.


Solarmax 2Solarmax 2

Nico Tuason


Price: $2.74

This visual gem takes you to a distant future where battles shifted from Earth to space, and now humans battle for the domination in galaxy. This dazzling strategy game pushes you in the middle of a space battle and you have to act fast, colonize planets, produce ships and deploy wit and tactics to beat the opponents. It’s a great challenge and delight at the same time, with 36 grand missions, and you can choose between three speed settings the one that suits your personal pace of gaming. Solarmax 2 is a joy to play, a sophisticated and refined system of advance, abilities and levels.


Broken SwordBroken Sword 5: Episode 2

Revolution Software ltd


Price: $7.39

Getting episode 2 without playing episode 1 is pointless in Broken Sword 5, not only because the two episodes are intertwined and story-dependant, but also because both of them are brilliant. Both Broken Sword 5 episodes are the best examples of what a mobile adventure game in the classic meaning of it should be – beautiful design, polished puzzles, meticulously crafted, gripping storyline and two main characters that instantly hook you to keep playing until you solve the mystery. You will be sorry when you finish the story, getting back to it once in a while and hoping to see the familiar characters in a new game by Revolution.


Blood BowlBlood Bowl

Focus Home Interactive


Price: $4.99, offers in-app purchases

Some of you might feel the nostalgia if you are familiar with the table game Warhammer Fantasy. Those of you new to it, Blood Bowl is a turn-based sport game, well basically American football, but the players are all sorts of monsters, elves and dwarves, rivers of blood and death. No children should be allowed anywhere near it. There are six races in the game, each with strengths and weaknesses, and you have to level up your heroes in order to survive the bloody bowl. The single and multiplayer modes provide for plenty of immersive entertainment, but it beats me why $4.99 only gives you orcs and humans while the other four races can be unlocked via in-app purchases.


The Inner WorldThe Inner World

Headup Games


Price: $4.99

This charming adventure game first launched on iOS platform and now made its smooth transition to Android. With a peculiar style, charming and humorous, it takes you on a heartfelt journey of exploration. The world of Asposia is something totally contradicting the laws of physics – it’s a hollow space inside the ground, with air coming through three fountains that dry out. The protagonist Robert, accompanied by a mysterious companion Laura, take on a journey to discover why the winds stopped bringing air to Asposia. They have to save their world and learn how to trust each other, or not. The game comes loaded with funny dialogues and puzzles while the hand-drawn world is endearing and inviting, so the five immersive chapters will have you hooked until you reach the end. It’s a safe purchase and a delight to play.


BatmanBatman Arkham Origins

Warner Bros. International Enterprises


Price: Free, offers in-app purchases

Crash, boom, bang would be an appropriate sub-title for this sinister Batman iteration. The game is an unforgiving battler where the silent dark knight has to engage with hoards of scum to earn or buy in-game coins to buy more batsuits or unlock great power-ups as you patrol Gotham City. It’s a no-brainer for the Batman fans and an excellent time killer for arcade aficionados.


QuizTixQuizTix: Video Games



Price: Free, offers in-app purchases

This is the perfect brain booster for the fans of video games and quizzes because it combines both. If you think you know something about the gaming industry, challenge yourself with series of collectible quizzes with unique trivia gameplay, challenging and rewarding. As in any traditional quiz game, you will spin the wheel of fortune to win a power-up or a special Quiz Fizz. The reward here is the audience, but you can choose to play solo, or enjoy the deep social integration and play with your friends.


Hitman GoHitman GO



Price: $4.99

Console Hitman was a classic third-person shooter while this mobile incarnation is a puzzler, which gets you moving across the grid. Surprisingly, a change of genre did not kill the peculiar Hitman atmosphere, and as usual, your aim is to assassinate the target. The graphics are very neat and the puzzles are meticulously thought-through, so it’s definitely worth playing irrespective of whether you are a Hitman fan, or simply know the value of a decent puzzle game. It also engages elements of strategy and applies a sophisticated minimalist design, which only complements the overall experience. The diorama-styled grid gets you moving to avoid enemies, infiltrate enemy locations, disguise yourself, distract the opponents, collect sniper ammo and make your way through levels according to your own personal style. And here, you can deploy a cunning strategy to make it unnoticed through the level, or make a lot of mess and kill everyone.



Kevin Ng

Play room

Price: $1.99

Impossible Road is a surprisingly addictive minimalist racer, which takes you gliding along an endless roller-coaster-like track with endless check points. The game brings very neat control system that gives you ample space for maneuvering your vessel to find the right trajectory. But my guess is you’ll go through a lot of crashing first. The gameplay is intense bordering on hypnotizing, and the best part is it’s difficulty is thoroughly enjoyable because you can learn the twists and turns of the track and cheat the game the next time you play.


Traps n GemstonesTraps n’ Gemstones

Donut Games


Price: $4.99

This seemingly inconspicuous platformer goes by the genre known as Metroidvania games, and before you know it, you’ll have played for several hours on end chasing precious Egyptian relics that belong to pyramids guarded by Bedouins. Some treacherous thief stole them, and you, as an archaeologist, endeavor on an exciting quest to get the relics where they belong. The gameplay is extremely rewarding – each time you fail, you restart from the current chamber instead of going back to start. Besides, you can also wander around freely for the game is non-linear, and you can fully enjoy the great variety of moving – walking, running, sliding, swimming, riding carts and more. The game is a pure metroidvanian puzzler that is very challenging and fun to play, and comes with the hefty load of quality content, so it’s definitely worth the money.