Auki 2 tweak adds Quick Reply and Compose features to iOS



The Auki tweak has been around for a while and if you’re not new to jailbreaking you might have used it already. The tweak added Quick Reply to messages directly in the notification banner which is something useful for almost any iOS user.

Now, Auki 2 has just been released with more awesome features and support for iOS 9 and higher. Of course, all the old features are still included but there are also new ones worthy of your attention.

The Auki 2 tweak lets you swipe down on a notification banner to write a quick reply. Furthermore, it adds a new Quick Compose feature which can be launched via an Activator gesture and lets you create a new message and send it to any of your contacts.

And there’s more! Auki 2 tweak also lets you add videos and photos to your quick replies and you can simply swipe on the banner to view an incoming message’s context. As you swipe, it displays previous messages (up to last 3) so you can write a relevant reply.

Among other interesting features, the tweak detects if a message is SMS or iMessage, lets you mark messages as read and it can be set to remind you to send a message later. The Quick Compose feature also allows you to send your newly created message to multiple friends straight from the notification center regardless which app you currently have open.

It’s also worth noting the Quick Compose feature lets you add attachments just like Quick Reply.

The Auki 2 tweak is available in Cydia for $3.99 (a fair price considering the useful options it provides) and works on iPhone and iPod touch devices running iOS 9 or a newer version.

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