AT&T Launches New Mobile Share Value Plan



AT&T launched a new Mobile Share Value Plan that started February 2nd, offering reduced rates and more data.

Competition continues to heat up across the board between cellular communication companies, and AT&T isn’t going to be left behind.  With T-Mobile’s latest offer to pay early termination fees to switch to their service, it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that AT&T is looking for ways to lure you away from other subsidies. If you’re currently a AT&T customer, switching to this plan could save you a good sum of cash month to month.

The Mobile Share Value Plan includes unlimited talk and text, with 10 GB of shared data for 2 lines starting at just $130 a month, each additional line only costs $15 for up to 10 lines.  Anyone is allowed to switch to the Mobile Share Value Plan, including anyone AT&T customers on a 2-year contract.


Of course, there is a bit of fine print attached to this wonderful little offer. Once your contract period is up, the Mobile Share Value Plan cannot be renewed unless you sign up for Next, purchase a device at full price from AT&T, or obtain or own device from elsewhere. Basically, like other cellular providers, AT&T is working to pull customers away from the 2-year subsidy model.

Any AT&T customers already on the 10GB or higher plan with multiple lines will automatically be switched over, for any customers considering switching to AT&T, they will have to sign up for the Next program, purchase a device at full cost, or use their own device that they own.

I’m sure many customers will rejoice over the idea of getting out of a contract, but what many don’t realize is the benefits of using a contract vs month to month. Yes it’s great having the freedom to move from company to company, but if you’re like many people today and want to have the latest and greatest, get ready to drop $500-$700 each time you want to upgrade your phone.

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