Angry Birds Stella for Windows Phone is out, launches with Xbox support


At the end of November, Rovio made all Angry Birds games free for Windows Phone, which was hardly a surprise because they started the trend months in advance. Now, the company also brought Angry Birds Stella on the Windows Phone platform, which is admirable considering the initial launch was back in September and lots of developers are usually taking their sweet time to make their apps and games available for WP users.

Angry Birds Stella for Windows Phone1

As all other games in the series, Angry Birds Stella has a childish story line – the main character and her new sidekicks, Dahlia, Poppy, Willow and Luca find themselves in a war against the Bad Princess and her evil piggies. The island is facing complete destruction unless the birds manage to use their unique personalities and powers to defeat Gale and her army of piglets. But who cares about all that? Let’s just blow some piggies into the sky and have fun!

Angry Birds Stella for Windows Phone

You’ll get the same physics-based slingshot mechanics with over 100 brand new levels and a scrapbook in which you can collect cool pics and crazy outfits that can be used in-game. The graphics also preserve the Angry Birds style we’re already used to and the game is free to download and play even tough adds are present as well as in-game purchases.

The game launched with Xbox support and I expect the same to happen when the next game in the series, Angry Birds: Transformers, hits Windows Store. Currently, there are only two Rovio non-Xbox games for WP: Angry Birds Epic and Angry Birds Go!.

If you like the genre, then you probably can’t wait to try the latest Angry Birds spin-off on your Windows Phone, so waste no more time and head straight to the download page.

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