Angry Birds 2 – Rovio’s first sequel, is now available for Android and iOS

Life system a la Candy Crush Saga? No bueno...



Angry Birds 2, or as Rovio calls it – “the mother of all sequels” – has been officially launched for Android and iOS, as promised. Like other fans of the genre, I was hoping for one of those freemium games that are enjoyable even without spending real money on IAPs, but Rovio decided to turn it into an IAP heaven (more on that later).

There are a few changes like the ability to set the order in which you use the birds, boss fights and special multi-stage levels. I didn’t get to spend too much time playing AB 2 but the graphics are polished and fluid as expected – at the very least one aspect of the game which is not disappointing.

The biggest caveat of the sequel is its newly implemented life system, which is just a (slightly altered) copy from the one used in Candy Crush Saga. Once you spend all the initial lives, you need to wait for them to slowly recharge or buy some more via IAPs. Something that kept me engaged while playing the original AB title was the fact you could always return to a stage and try to earn more stars. Rovio probably tought  – “Oh, let’s try to make some more money from this too!” – so in Angry Birds 2, returning to a previous level costs a life. And the IAP galore doesn’t end here as there are also gems and plenty of extras which can be purchased in-game.

The game was actually soft-launched as Angry Birds Under Pigstruction, and while Rovio did try to keep things quiet, there were hints that game was actually AB 2 in disguise. Pocketgamer saw all the signs and didn’t miss the chance to share them with the world.

As with all popular game launches, we’re not going to resist reviewing the game, so keep your eyes on our Reviews section, one for Angry Birds 2 is coming soon. Until then, try the game for yourself, at the least for the animations which are stunning.

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