Angry Birds 2 launches July 30th !


Just because you might think there are plenty of Angry Birds game in the app stores right now, Rovio disagrees. The Finnish game developer just announced the sequel of the original Angry Birds game, which is planned for release on July 30th.

Not many details have been shared yet, but Rovio says Angry Birds 2 is supposed to be “the mother of all sequels”. We shall see. Let’s not forget , the newest AB spin-off, Angry Birds Fight, seriously lacks originality, and there have been much better games in the series. Hopefully, AB 2 will manage to bring something new to the table, although it won’t be easy, looking at how many spin-offs and mashups Rovio has released so far.

For now, there’s no way to know. The company did not offer any information about gameplay, screenshots or trailers. Just a piece of art with the already popular family of pissed-off looking birds. However, the official announcement does mention we should stay tuned on AB’s social channels, which means they plan to feed us tidbits regarding the sequel, so we should at least get an idea of the game before its launch.

Rovio says their Angry Birds series has gathered 3 billion downloads, ever since the original AB game was launched in 2009. And pay attention to the wording here:

“Angry Birds 2 flocks into app stores worldwide on July 30. Get ready to fall in love again!”

The highlight is on “app stores”. One can only assume Angry Birds 2 will become available for both Android and iOS at roughly the same time. There’s even an official website for the game, where fans can see a counter showing days remaining until launch and opt for related e-mail notifications.

Now we’ll just have to wait and see if the sequel will be just a shell for tons of IAPs or it will actually manage to be at least half as fun as the original.

What’s your take on this piece of news? Are you excited to play an Angry Birds sequel?

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  • Dan Vlasic

    I am not excited, but very much curious. Just downloaded AB GO! again, and guess what – unlocking the new areas is now a matter of a 30-minute gameplay (more or less), and you get to drive fancy karts without “earning” them. Rovio is suddenly the generosity itself. Though, Chuck as Ayrton Senna is… I don’t know, weird?
    I’m guessing Rovio saw a sign in the declining sales, and we might just get a good release from them this time, hopefully.

  • Alexandra Vasiliu

    I think I’m more interested in reading your review of AB 2 after the launch, rather than playing it, hehe.

    • Dan Vlasic