Android Game of the Week: Unpossible Hits Google Play Store



We are excited to bring you the great news – Unpossible hit Google Play and Amazon store on August 11th, so check it out if you are looking for a healthy dose of adrenaline. The developers at Acceleroto also announced that Oculus Rift demo, Mac and Steam versions are in the works and expected to hit the platforms very soon.

It is great to see Acceleroto is really quick in delivering the game to other platforms. The iOS version of this hi-tech endless runner hit the iTunes in May, and we wrote about it back then. Our only complaint was the absence of Android version, and now that it’s been addressed, the only thing left to do is try and make it through the three difficulty levels – Simplicity, Futile and Ultra.

Unpossible 1

Unpossible’s difficulty borders on frustration, but if you appreciate games that put your reflexes to extremes, this game will please even the most hardcore players. It offers plenty of bending, swirling and racing along a futuristic tube. The game looks fantastic, and the hi-tech style matches the Tron universe more than any Tron game on mobile.

You rush along the swirling tube somewhere in the huge megalopolis suburbs. Your speed is neck-wrecking, but that’s not the main danger. The tube is stuffed with sophisticated traps that jump out right in your face and all you can do is act in a split-second to adjust your trajectory, dodge the knives and survive. Unpossible makes you appreciate every additional second you spend racing.

It may be too tough for the unprepared player, but as soon as you get the hang of it, the game rewards you with more challenges, aesthetically pleasing and extremely unnerving. The glowing sci-fi graphics paired with a pulsating soundtrack makes Unpossible even more pleasing and mind-bending at the same time. I cannot define whether the visuals and music complement the gameplay, or distract the player, but the game is a definite hit.

Unpossible 2

It has one trick, though, and you can learn the placement of traps and all that sci-fi cutlery, and maybe make it further the next time. However, the game is unapologetic and you will be jumping with pride and joy when you make it to race 60 seconds to unlock a more challenging level. Simplicity is for the beginners to get the knack of the race; Futile will get you stuck for days on end until you make it through; Ultra will make you bang your head against the wall. Whenever you feel too much negative exhaust in your blood system, enter the Cruise mode and simply enjoy the ride – you can’t die here. Better yet, you can simply place your device comfortably in front of you and watch the relaxed endless ride Zen-style. Each level also features a daily extra, and 15 unlockable achievements.

The Unpossible game costs $1.99 and brings no additional in-app purchases. Check out the gameplay teaser above, and see if you can make it up the leader board. Think twice, though, if you are the kind of player who can smash an expensive device if the game makes you doubt your own superiority.