Only 52% Of Windows Phone Users Rely On Bing For Their Smartphone Searches



Bing’s growth efforts are paying out, but slowly. It’s one thing attempting to convince users to give your search engine a try and a completely different story when you’re giving it to them pre-installed and they choose to rely on another service. Of course, the second situation gives quite the advantage, but 48% of Windows Phone users are still opting for Google Search or another search engine for their smartphones instead of Bing.

At least that’s the latest info, provided by Kantar ComTech, a research company. Things are not as bad as they seem, since the number of users that choose to “Bing it on” are steadily increasing. Also, the Bing search share in the US is now at 18.1% due to Bing’s integration into a plethora of Microsoft services and products such as Xbox, Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 and Microsoft Office.

Bing’s expansion is giving Microsoft the motivation they need to improve their services. However, the 48% WP users who are still rejecting Bing is a red flag for the Redmond giant that shouldn’t be ignored.