5 Top Gallery Alternatives For Your Android Device

Android Gallery

One of the most standards apps that you will find in any operating system is the Gallery and Android is no different in this regard. The only thing that has really changed since Android’s inception is that the Gallery app has been replaced by the Google Photos app in Android 5.0 Lollipop. A lot of models that are still running Android 4.4 KitKat have the Photos app anyway but most OEMs also place their own Gallery app in there. For example, I have both the Photos app and Motorola’s Gallery in my Moto G.

Despite the fact that the Gallery and Photos apps are fine on their own right, some users dislike them for one reason or another. If you are looking for a photos app that provides you with additional features or that just looks different from the default offerings, look no further. I am here to present you with what I believe are the current best gallery alternatives for your Android device so let us get down to it.

MyRoll IconMyRoll Gallery

This is one of the most popular offering in this list and for good reason. Flayvr Media, the developers of the app, constantly update it to keep up with changes in the field and to just add more features for their users. It was one of the first apps of its kind to be include support for Android 5.0 Lollipop. And I mean full support, not just for a handful of devices like the Nexus ones. It even has support for Android Wear!

MyRoll Gallery

The app itself looks quite visually pleasing, borrowing a lot of Material Design elements that give it the same aesthetic as the stock Gallery. Your photos are automatically organized in different folders in the classic mode but you can also set your pictures in Moments view that will create a collage of your photos based around different things like their location, date or event that they took place in. And since the app connects with all the popular social networks, you can quickly share them in there and even create Facebook albums with a few taps.

MyRoll Moments

What I think is the most unique thing about the app is its focus on “discovery”. MyRoll can provide you with intelligent notifications that will help you rediscover photos you had forgotten about on important dates and events and it will even (optionally) give you a notification for your “best photo of the day”. Furthermore, its search features allow you to quickly find photos on natural parameters like the ones where someone is smiling or where the sun is shining.

QuickPic IconQuickPic

Another very popular solutions and one of my favorite ones too, QuickPic offers a modernized but familiar gallery that manages to be fast, lightweight and still provide a slew of tools and features. The app is constantly updated with new features (including Material Design) and requires no special permissions in sharp contrast to a lot of other gallery apps.

QuickPic Folders

As I have already mentioned, the interface should look very familiar but in a good way. The Material Design definitely looks great but the app looked nice even before that. Photos are automatically arranged but you can also create new folders, move and copy pictures and sort them in all kinds of ways. A “Moments” view is also available and it will organize your photos by time and location for the best experience. The search features are also pretty great and allow users to instantly find any picture they want with advanced queries like excluding folders.

QuickPic Albums

In addition to all that, QuickPic can also play animated GIFs and videos, a feature that not many gallery apps can provide. Users can also choose to hide their private multimedia files behind passwords. And that is particularly helpful because of the fact that the app can connect to various online services like Picasa, Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive and Flickr where you can both backup your files and view any multimedia ones you have already uploaded there.

Piktures IconPiktures

A fantastic app, especially if you are a fan of gesture-focused experiences. Piktures offers an elegantly designed interface that not only makes your every picture look great but also makes navigating a breeze with the swiping and sliding gestures.

Piktures Albums

Piktures has a very unique feel to it in almost every regard. For example, even though your photos will be organized in more or less the same folders as other gallery apps, the interface is absolutely stunning and creates a very modern photo album aesthetic that serves it well. Of course, the beauty of the photos themselves is left up to you but the app does everything it can to make them look great.

Piktures Photos

A great interface and gesture-based navigation is not enough of course but the app shines in other areas as well. Piktures is highly optimized for all kinds of devices, meaning you will get the same experience across small and large screens. It also supports videos and GIFs, offers the ability to hide private albums and has several smaller tools like the option to resize pictures before you share them that just round the package. It is also completely free with no ads which is a huge plus.

A+ GalleryA+ Gallery Icon

This is an app for those of you that like the design guidelines of iOS but also do not want to lose the material elements. By combining the best parts of both styles, ­A+ Gallery offers a fantastic interface that can quickly organize your photos.

A+ Gallery Photos

Photos are automatically arranged by date, much like it happens in iPhones. Videos are organized in the same way and playback is powered by Quick Seek which also displays additional elements like frame rates if you want. One of the most unique features is that you can also search pictures by their color. And even though the developers already say that it is fast, I was actually surprised that it worked as intended and very quickly brought up the pictures I requested.

A+ Gallery Collections

A+ Gallery also puts a lot of emphasis into its Dropbox and Facebook integration. Your photos can be automatically backed up to the cloud via Dropbox or Facebook and the latter service also offers additional features like the ability to create albums and even download complete photo albums from the social network with ease. Another important reason why you might want to use A+ Gallery is that it requires virtually no permissions which is always great.
Tidy IconTidy

No gallery app list would be complete without an entry that caters to the more organized among us. Tidy provides its users with what are probably the easiest and most fun to use organizing tools as far as gallery apps are concerned.

Tidy Albums

Gestures play a big role in the app so swiping left and right will quickly tidy up your pictures and allow you to find the ones you are looking for painlessly. Photos can be organized manually with the gestures but the app will also categorize them based on date, location and “shapes”. And after all the pictures have been placed in their rightful place, searching for your favorite ones is an easy deal with the great interface in the background.

Tidy Photos

As you probably understand already, Tidy is an app that is kept light on the features but high on usability. The app does have some neat features like the ability to instantly share your photos anywhere and some light editing tools that include filters and color correction but the main focus here is organizing and viewing your photos in a fantastic interface.s