2D Sonic Runners will arrive on iOS and Android on June 25

Sonic Runners

SEGA has just announced that Sonic Runners would be making its way to this side of the globe on June 25 after being available over in Japan for the past few months. The game a mix of new and old as it takes inspiration from Sonic’s early 16-bit roots of the Genesis era yet it is an endless runner ripe with what you would expect from a modern title of the genre.

Sonic Runners Gameplay 1

The goal, as always, is to collect rings and gems while avoiding enemies that come from every direction. You can play as Sonic (obviously), Tails and Knuckles so you can spice things up if the blue hedgehog is not enough for you. Though it is an endless runner, this game actually looks more like a Sonic game than most other games released by SEGA in the last few years and it has gathered very positive reviews with many commending the team for its effort in bringing some real Sonic fun to its loyal user base.

Sonic Runners Gameplay 2

Sonic Runners will be a freemium title so you should expect plenty of in-app purchases when it launches in a few days. We will have more information about the game with a hands-on impression when it arrives so make sure you come back for more!