20 Best iOS 7 Apps: Unleash the Jailbreak Power



From keyboard shortcuts to custom gestures, quick reply and environment-adjusted display brightness, here is a list of apps and tweaks that will help you get the most out of your jailbroken iOS 7 iPhone or iPad.

Those who jailbreak their devices know the value of freedom and ultimate control, and unlimited customization that comes with it. You can do so much more with your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch than it was possible with the factory settings devices, and while some users don’t appreciate having to go through the jailbreaking trouble to obtain that extra functionality, others can’t even imagine using anything less than a jailbroken device.

Apps and tweaks form an integral part of jailbreak power, and they can change, customize and tweak almost every aspect of your device’s look, behavior and performance. Let us take a look at the ones worth your attention because it is impossible to process the virtually limitless amounts of Cydia apps and tweaks.

#1 F.lux

FluxMany a user state F.lux is one of the reasons to jailbreak in the first place. What can be worse than having to check the late night message in a dark room and to be almost blinded by the screen brightness as you unlock your iPhone? It is no big news that iPhone and iPad ambient light sensors are far from perfect, and F.lux solves that problem. This nifty app adjusts the screen color and brightness to your current environment and time of the day, so the next time you check out that a message from a sleepless friend you do not get blinded by the harsh, bright screen.

This awesome tweak is great for users with sensitive eyesight, and anyone who would like to smooth their iPhone screen tones.

#2 Messages Customizer

message customizerAs the name suggests, Messages Customizer lets you tweak nearly every aspect of your Messages app in iOS 7. For example, you can toy with color of the message bubbles, add contact photos and a lot more.

#3 Activator

ActivatorThis app lets you tweak button and multitouch functionality, and even create TouchID triggers on jailbroken iPhone 5s. You can set up custom gestures, button taps and swipes to perform whatever you want to have a shortcut for. You can set up the volume up and down buttons to launch particular apps. Activator is a pre-requisite for many other gesture-based apps and tweaks, and it is free on Cydia.

#4 BatterySafe

BatterysafeThis smart jailbreak app turns of power-hungry features when your device’s battery is low on juices. For example, if you are on the go and need to keep your iPhone un and running, you can set BatterySafe to shutdown WiFi and Bluetooth or GPS, thus freeing some power to keep your device on for a little longer. It may lack some extra customization features, but it is a powerful helping tool in itself.

It is free on Cydia.

#5 BioLockdown

biolockdownThis tweak appeals to iPhone 5s users who would like to tweak TouchID sensor performance. You can tweak it to lock apps, restrict settings or launch apps. With BioLockdown enabled, you will launch user-defined apps with the Touch ID sensor.

It costs $1.99 on Cydia.

#6 BytaFont 2

bytafont 2This one is for the beautify aficionados – BytaFont allows you to change the font of your iOS device. You can customize the font used in your apps, lock screen, wherever. So, if you are looking to add to your iPhone a little more of your personality, search for BytaFont 2 on Cydia.

It is free of charge.

#7 CCControls

cccontrolsCCControls stands out among other Control Center jailbreak tweaks because it offers by far better set of functions: you can customize which preference toggles are displayed in your Control Center, how they look, choose a custom theme for your Control Center and a lot more. In addition, this app is very intuitive and does not require too much time setting it up.

Like many good things, this app is free on Cydia.

#8 CCHide

cchideIf you are after deleting certain obsolete or unnecessary things from your Control Center, CCHide is for you.You can remove various settings or entire sections from Control Center and minimize it to just the few toggles you regularly use. The app is very simple in use but is incompatible with the above-listed CCControls.

It is free on Cydia.

#9 ColorFlow

color flowIf you use your iPhone’s music app very often and get bored with its plain looks, ColorFlow spices it up with fun colorizing schemes from the album artwork. It makes your music app look spectacular and aesthetically pleasing, so if it sounds tempting, search for ColorFlow on the Big Boss repo. It is $1.99.

#10 iCleaner Pro

iCleaner proAs the name suggests, iCleaner Pro scans your device for obsolete files it can delete to clean up the storage on your iOS device. All space wasters quickly go to junk – browser and apps cache, message attachments and more. Be careful not to delete some of the games’ cache since it will erase your progress.

You can find this smart tweak in Cydia; it is free.

#11 iFile

ifileiFile is a versatile app management tool and file browser, which gives you access to all  your files to copy, paste, move around, import, upload or edit them. It is easy to use and powerful, and it is nice to have it handy in time when file management needs arise.

It is available on Cydia for $4.99 and comes with a free 7-day trial.

#12 Fancy

fancyThis one is a small, yet impressive jailbreak tweak that can change the look of your iOS 7 completely. It is a colorizing tool worth $0.99, so if you are bored with the traditional iOS 7 looks, have a go with Fancy.

#13 Favorite Contacts 7

Favorite Contacts 7This neat app allows you to set up quick access to the most frequently used contacts by putting them right in your Notification Center. The app uses your phone app’s favorites and places them in your Notification Center for quick access to texting, calling and emailing them. You can download it from the Big Boss repo for $1.99.

#14 iTouchSecure

iTouchSecureiTouchSecure does only one thing, but this one thing is truly awesome – it  matches your fingerprints and passwords and auto fills them in your apps the next time you log in. For example, you want to login to eBay in safari, and all you need to do is touch the TouchID sensor with your finger, and the app auto fills your password.

The app is available in the Big Boss repo for $4.99.

#15 NoteCreator

Note creatorThis one is a free note taking app that allows you to take notes from anywhere in the interface without having to launch a specific app. You just need to assign NoteCreator a shortcut, for example, hitting home button three times, and the next time you trigger the shortcut you will see a NoteCreator pop up, where you can quickly scribble and save the Note. It is a simple and intuitive app, and the nice little nuance makes it an outstanding one – no more browsing for the app’s icon and launching it, just assign it an activation action, and you are ready to go.

It is free on Cydia.

#16 SwitchSpring

switchspringThe native app switcher iniOS 7 is quite tricky and makes it difficult to quit all apps at once. If you lack that functionality, try SwitchSpring. It allows you to bulk quit apps by swiping up your home screen while you are in the app switcher. Doing so will give you two options –restart your device or quit all apps. So, if the new, dorky app switcher is not your cup of tea, SwitchSpring is a must-have.

It is available on Cydia for free.

#17 SlideforUsage

Slide for usageIt is a free app that lets you track apps usage and see which apps you are using frequently, and which are just space and memory wasters. The app adds usage details to the app switcher, and all you have to do is open it, swipe down on the screenshot of the app and see when the last time you launched the app was. In addition, it displays the duration of the app engagement, and total time the app has been functional since it had been downloaded. A nice and handy way to weed out the apps you don’t really need.

The app is free and available on Cydia.

#18 SwipeSelection Pro

swipeselection-pro-headerSwipeSelection is a $1.99 app that turns text selection in jailbroken iOS 7 devices an easy task. No longer will you need to search and tap meticulously, because with SwipeSelection you can just slide your finger across your virtual keyboard to control the cursor. The app offers a lot of customization options to adjust the performance to your personal style.

You can download it from the Big Boss repo for $1.99.

#19 TetherMe

tether meAgain, the title is pretty self-descriptive – TetherMe lets you turn your iPhone into your personal WiFi hotspot and share your iPhone’s Internet connection with your other devices. It gives you the opportunity to enable tethering irrespective of whether you pay your carrier for the feature, or not.

It is available on Cydia for $4.99.

#20 Winterboard

winterboardThe best way to personalize your jailbroken iOS 7 device is to download Winterboard theme. It has been recently updated and if you are a fan of tweaking your OS, look no more –Winterboard is available on Cydia.

There is no such thing as a universal and comprehensive list of the best apps, but we have tried to make a compilation of apps and tweaks that have been largely praised by users.

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