10 Awesome Free Games for iOS



Everybody loves free games, even if now days they are almost always accompanied by some sort of in-game store. Regardless, I’ve compiled a list of 10 different games that you can grab for free off of the Apple App Store (and as long as you don’t purchase currency, you really won’t have to pay for them!). This list is in no particular order, so don’t expect #1 to be any better than #10, but nevertheless they are all good games.

#1. Dead Trigger 2

Well, #1 actually might be better than #10, but that’s only because Dead Trigger 2 is a fantastic game. This game offers a unique story-line that is continuously updated, and mostly based on the actions of people playing the game. There’s a ton of missions to play through, and a variety of different mission types so nothing gets too stale. Besides that, there’s a workshop where you’ll level up your supply providers to unlock new weapons, explosives, and other useful assets. Dead Trigger 2 offers intense zombie killing action, and many many hours of entertainment for players.

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Click here to download Dead Trigger 2 on the Apple App Store

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#2. Injustice: Gods Among Us

Injustice is a game that provides you with awe-inducing, mind-boggling graphics, and gives you these graphics for free! These lush 3D graphics are able to replicate some familiar areas from the DC Comics universe, such as the Batcave for example. There’s a huge list of characters you can play in the iOS version of Injustice, including Batman, Superman, The Joker, Wonder Woman, and a lot of other Heroes and Villains you may recognize from your childhood collection of comic books. Alternate versions of each character are also available. Injustice offers 3v3 combat, so you’ll be choosing your three favorite characters and battling to level up and upgrade your characters.

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Click here to download Injustice: Gods Among Us on the Apple App Store

#3.  Flappy Bird

Currently on top of the iOS Free Chart is a game by the name of Flappy Bird. This game doesn’t have fancy next-gen graphics, it doesn’t have an interesting story-line or an impressive arsenal of upgrade to unlock, but it does have an addicting and easy to play style that will keep you interested for a while. The concept of Flappy Bird is very simple, just tap to flap your wings and boost yourself into the air a bit, do this without hitting the ground or running into pipes! The better you do, the more medals you’ll unlock, try to get the Platinum medal and you’ll officially be the best.

Click here to download Flappy Bird on the Apple App Store 

#4. Eternity Warriors 3

I couldn’t make a list containing awesome free games without including my recent iPad obsession – Eternity Warriors 3. This game has so much to do without spending any cash, there’s tons of missions to play through, quests to complete, and gear to obtain. You can also use the gear fusion from your Inventory to upgrade and evolve your weapons and armor until they’re as strong as possible. EW3 also has an Endless Mode in addition to the main story and missions, but either one of these will keep your attention for hours due to the fantastically designed combat system and intuitive level design. Not to mention there’s three different classes to play through the game as.

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Click here to download Eternity Warriors 3 on the Apple App Store

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#5. Can You Escape?

For anyone seeking something not so violent (I suppose Flappy Bird isn’t too violent, as long as you don’t crash), there’s a really fun and addicting Hidden Object style game called Can You Escape, and it’s free! Players will need to solve puzzles and uncover hidden items to progress through the game and find their way out of the room they’re trapped in. Can You Escape has 10 different levels to complete, and though they may seem small, you’d be surprised at how long it can take to break out of one of these rooms.

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Click here to download Can You Escape on the Apple App Store

#6. Sonic Dash

I could have added the ultra-popular Temple Run to this list, but honestly Sonic Dash is more fun, and it features everyone’s favorite Hedgehog. Players will be able to dash through classic sonic-themed levels while battling various enemies, unlocking new abilities and power-ups, and attempting to top the high-scores. There’s multiple playable characters in Sonic Dash, so you’re not limited to just the blue guy, and it definitely makes things a little more interesting. I highly recommend this game to anyone who does enjoy games similar to Temple Run.

Click here to download Sonic Dash on the Apple App Store

#7. Robocop

One of the more recent releases to make this list is Robocop, where you can step into the future and into the shoes of Robocop himself. Play though several intense missions while utilizing drone strikes, as well as your arsenal of weapons, to take out enemies and advance. Upgrade your skills and weapons to unleash even more carnage upon your robot enemies, and try to unlock all of the achievements as well.

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Click here to download Robocop on the Apple App Store

#8. Clash of Clans

You’d have a hard time trying to convince anyone that there’s a more popular game on the Apple App Store than Clash of Clans, for the moment at least. It’s probably not even worth adding to the list, but it really is an awesome game if you devote enough time to it, so I deem it worthy. There’s a ton of stuff to build and upgrade, missions to master (you’re graded at the end, so re-playing missions isn’t out of the question), troops to train, and clans to clash with! Be warned, this game is pretty difficult to play through without buying gems in the store, some of the timers and restrictions are a bit ridiculous, but it’s definitely worth playing even if you don’t like spending cash.

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Click here to download Clash of Clans on the Apple App Store

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#9. Deer Hunter 2014

Whether you’re actually into Deer Hunting or not, you’ll most likely still enjoy playing Deer Hunter 2014 — unless you work for PETA. One of the coolest features of this particular game, is the in-depth weapon customization available, you can build an arsenal of weaponry to suit your specific wants and needs. Then, you can take that arsenal out to the Deer Hunting grounds, where you’ll be able to explore new areas, discover over 100 different species, and try to unlock trophies for taking out the biggest buck.

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Click here to download Deer Hunter 2014 on the Apple App Store 

#10. Crime City

Ok, so earlier I said that #1 may not be any better than #10, I’ll say that Dead Trigger 2 is a better game than Crime City, but still this is a noteworthy game. Before you say this game is just a mobster version of Clash of Clans, it really isn’t, and is played a lot differently. Although it is a similar camera view and concept of building your “hood” empire, you aren’t training troops or strategically placing them in a battle. It’s a lot easier and more time based, meaning you can check the game every few hours, use your energy, use your stamina, and collect from your businesses. There’s more to do than that, but really Crime City is a nice game to have as an ‘every now and then’ type of thing.

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Click here to download Crime City on the Apple App Store

Thanks for reading, and post your comments below! Let us know if you’ve had any experiences with the games on this list, or some others that you think should be mentioned.